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Meet The Team

Christie S
Christie and her family were owners in Zoo Mountain Natural Care, here in Missoula, before "the Great Shutdown of 2010".

Now, she is a local entrepreneur who operates many businesses, all while mastering the art of Cannabis.
"Our patient's needs will always come before the need for profit"
Adam E
Adam was a Master Grower and extraction chemist in Oregon for the last ten years. He spent a year in Chicago, helping a new dispensary thrive in the state's Medical Marijuana pilot program.

He and his wife Emily have two young babies, Leo and Valorie, who often accompany him on his trips to the legislature in Helena to fight for safe access to cannabis. He is also an elected official in Missoula's Westside Leadership Team and Community Forum. 
""Our patient's needs will always come before the need for profit"Helping people find access to clean medicine is the most rewarding career choice possible

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2825 Stockyard Rd  Suite A-9
Missoula, MT 59808

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