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Patients Over Profits

  1. CBD Technology
    We are growing CBD dominant varieties of cannabis in our labs so that we can get the full health benefits of the plant. CBD is non-psychoactive and is a way to compliment THC to get full-body pain relief. Most of our edibles and concentrates will contain high CBD percentages from the incorporation of these strains.
  2. Dedication
    We are dedicated to finding the industry's best genetics and products for our patients.
  3. Clean Concentrates
    No Butane. No Propane. No Hexane. Ever. All extraction is done with ethanol alcohol. Further purification is done by filtering and distillation Rosin is created with only heat.
  4. No Pesticides No Herbicides
    We grow clean medicine.
  5. Doctor Finder
    Contact us to find a referring doctor in your area!
  6. Referral Marketing
    We don't buy ad space, instead we give our patients free medicine for referring a good customer. $50 in FREE product when you Refer-A-Friend
  1. Change Request forms
    All current cardholders who switch to Remedy with a change request form, will get a FREE Quarter Oz of Flower.
  2. $100 New Patient Credit
    If you have a physician statement and you are new to Remedy, we offer $100 in-store credit.
  3. $50 Refer-A-Friend
    Current Remedy patients can earn this bonus unlimited times, for each friend you refer. 5 friends = $250!
  4. $100 Remedy Renewals
    Patients already in the program who need to renew their card will get this $100 in store-credit.
Loyalty Points Program
Earn 10% back on all 
full Cannabis Purchases

Meet The Team​​
Christie & Monty
With over 20 years of experience between the two of them under the ever changing Montana MMJ laws, they have remained steady and true to the cause by providing patients with their medicine for over 10 years.

Our goal is to provide patients and the public as much information as possible to find the medicine that works best for them.

"Our patient's needs will always come before the need for profit"

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